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Our search algorithm will find the patent attorney who understands your invention best, because he has represented similiar patent applications in the passt. Organizing the application process in a reliable way is one thing. But only a carefully elaborated patent application is worth its money.Find a patent attorney
Patent-Pilot utilizes a database with all applications submitted to the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO). Thereby, we provide a comprehensive and objectified basis for decision-making of who can lead the compilation and enforcement of your patent application.How does it work
Search functions and top lists as well as overviews of all patent attorneys and patent law firms are provided free as soon as users have been registered. Including contact information and statistics about their work. Register now and convince yourself!Register now
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Why Apply for a Patent?

A patent protects your invention from imitation. You receive an exclusive right over a limited period of time and, in return, you disclose your knowledge to the public. It’s important to remain aware of the considerable costs associated with obtaining a patent.

On the following webpages, we will show you how to apply for a patent and what role a patent attorney will play during the application procedure until a patent is granted.

The application process depends on the patent office. Here, we will explain the procedure.How to apply for a patent
Obtaining a patent can be expensive. We explain what different kinds of costs occur.Patenting costs
While applying, you will have to decide about the scope of your property right.Patent protection scope
Your patent attorney will advise you on the patent strategy and file an application with you.Role of a patent attorney
What is the purpose of a patent application and what type of inventions can be protected by a patent?What is a patent?
Before submitting a patent application, it’s recommended to perform a prior art search, which you can do by yourself.Searching for patents
Obtaining a patent is not necessarily the best way to protect your invention. Find out about alternatives.Alternatives to patent protection
Here you will find a collection of links to patent offices and other relevant services regarding patenting issues.Useful links