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Patent-Pilot helps patent attorneys and patent law firms to analyze clients and competitors. Which foreign law firms are potential partner for cooperation on your filings? Which other law firms are serving your clients? Who is the law firm representing the opposing party in your case?For Patent Attorneys


Patent-Pilot helps companies to benchmark the patent attorneys and patent law firms representing their company and identify new partners. Are you working with law firms you are experts in your field of expertise? Are you aware of potential conflicts of interest with other clients of your representative?For Companies

How Patent-Pilot Works

Patent-Pilot analyzes more than 2.3 million patent applications. Based on those documents, we create profiles of patent attorneys and patent law firms and developed an algorithm which allocates patent attorneys to their most recent law firm and generates the statistics and visualizations.How It Works
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Identify Patent Attorneys and Patent Law Firms

You can search through more than 2.3 million patent documents for intellectual property firms from more than 67 countries.

Searching for names includes patent attorneys, patent law firms and patent applicants.

Or you can search using a technical keyword. In this case, you will receive a result list containing all patent attorneys who have represented applications regarding those keywords.

Patent-Pilot is based on all PCT patent applications which were filed before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). In our database you can find all patent attorneys and patent law firms who represented at least 5 PCT applications.

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Analyze Patent Attorneys in Law Firms

Patent-Pilot allocates all patent attorneys to their most recent law firm.

Not only patent law firms can be analyzed. You can also see inside of law firms and on the level of patent attorneys who is responsible for certain technical fields and most experienced.

This is crucial if you want to know who the real experts are. Moreover, we make sure that the experience displayed is connetcted to the patent attorneys who actually work for a law firm. If an attorney leaves, she takes expertise and experience with her.


Check technical experience

The technical experience of your attorneys or your cooperating patent law firms is often very important in patent filing and prosecution for achieving comprehensive property rights that also stand in opposition or infringement cases.

Patent-Pilot delivers charts that illustrate the technical areas in an understandable categorization. This is much more practicable than the traditional IPC classification. It’s based on those classes but arrange them in a different way.

You can limit the charts to certain areas or display only applications tht were represented for a certain client.

Thereby, you can gain a fast and objective overview of technical experience of these patent law firms

Technische Bereiche


Analyze client relationships of patent law firms

Patent-Pilot can show you which clients patent attorneys are working

This makes the relationship between clients and law firms transparent. Who are the most important clients of a law firm? Are the winning or loosing mandates? Which companies that are not on the client list might be interesting prospects and who are the representatives of those companies?

Very important is also the question of conflicts of interests and mandate collisions.

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In case you want to gain full access to all information, you have to register for free or login.
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