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Patent-Pilot is a Business Intelligence Tool.

Our Software scans patent data and generates profiles of patent attorneys and patent law firms. Thereby, we can illustrate experience and client relationships of those law firms.

All information are based on PCT data creating more than 26,000 profiles of patent attorneys and more than 7,000 profiles of patent law firms from 67 countries.

Benchmark your own patent attorneys

Do you analyze the patent attorneys you work with? Are you sure they are doing a good job?

Often the relationships with the law firms a company cooperates with have grown over a long period. Trust is a crucial factor and it should be.

Do your law firms have the experience they claim to have? Patent-Pilot offers you functions that can prove that the trust in your patent attorneys is justified.


Identify new patent attorneys

It is not uncommon for a company to develop innovations that go beyond the core of the existing technology portfolio. This can mean that the technologies are so different that the law firms in your current network are not the right partners. Or you are generally dissatisfied with your patent attorneys and plan to change to another law firm.

A significant share of the companies does not leave the choice of foreign partners for international follow-up to the law firm, which supervised the initial registration. These companies actively influences this choice.

In all these cases, a Patent-Pilot is the appropriate information basis. Identify suitable partners based on our data.


Analyze competitors

It is also possible to see which other clients a patent attorney or a patent law firm works for. This enables you to analyze your competitors, their filing behavior and their network.

Is the patent filing activity of your competitors in certain technological areas increasing? Who takes these cases? Are these in-house counsels or external law firms? By law firms from which countries are PCT applications filed?


Find and circumvent conflicts of interest

That your patent attorneys should not work for companies that compete with you is actually self-evident, but not always the case. At least, it must be ensured that no patents from similar technologies are managed within a law firm (perhaps even by the same attorneys) when companies compete with each other.

These patent attorneys and law firms can not provide optimal service to their clients, since you can only act in favor of the one client or the other client.

Such conflicts may also exist in the international network of your home law firm, and even your home firm might not be aware of conflicts of interest.

With a Patent-Pilot, you can detect and actively avoid collisions.



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