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Patent-Pilot is a Business Intelligence Tool.

Our Software scans patent data and generates profiles of patent attorneys and patent law firms. Thereby, we can illustrate experience and client relationships of those law firms.

All information are based on PCT data creating more than 26,000 profiles of patent attorneys and more than 7,000 profiles of patent law firms from 67 countries.

Analyze existing clients

Our database contains more than 500,000 patent applicants whose filing strategies can be checked. Just as every patent attorney and law firm, each patent applicant has a profile. You can, for example, investigate with which law firms your clients also work together.

Are you losing application filings against other law firms? Are there significant differences across the different technical areas? In which technologies could you get more business from your clients?

If you or your law firm have represented at least 5 PCT filings, you are likely to find yourself in our database.


Identify prospects

You know the technical strengths of your firm and the ideal profile of the clients you would like to win. With Patent-Pilot you get the foundation to attract new clients.

Which applicants are similar your clients without collisions? In which technical areas do you have particular expertise that could be illustrated to potential clients?

In addition, you can see which percentage of filings is processed internally by in-house counsels and which percentage is pursued by external patent attorneys.


Analyze competitors

Whether in direct disputes regarding individual property rights which are attacked or which you want to attack for your clients. Whether it is to understand which lawyers or law firms have a profile similar to yourself. Whether it is to understand which law firms are also active with your clients.

Patent-Pilot provides you with the data base for competition analysis. Both in the regional environment and internationally. If necessary, Patent-Pilot may also be useful to identify patent attorneys who fit into your law firm as colleagues.


Find partners for cooperation

You may already have a network of foreign patent representatives and law firms who can take over the business of your clients in the pursuit of their rights outside your jurisdictions.

Whether or not these law firms are experienced in the respective technologies can be found by means of a Patent-Pilot.

You may also want to know whether there are collisions with other clients in the cooperation with your partners.



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