Patent-Pilot has the most comprehensive global database of all patent attorneys, who have represented patent applications.

Patent Pilot analyzes existing patents in order to identify the most suitable patent attorney. In our database, more than 2.3 million registrations are included, which were represented by more than 26,000 patent attorneys and 7,000 patent law firms.

Our database is based on a database published by WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). These information were harmonized, adjusted and expanded considerably. For example, we have determined for each patent attorney in which firm he works and aggregated the information for each law firm. If patent attorneys are active in a corporations applying for patents (and not law firms), they are excluded from the database. Also we can locate every person or organization geographically. This results in a unique data base, which we provide free of charge.


The data obtained are aggregated to profiles of patent attorneys and patent law firms.

We provide answers to the following questions:

  • How many PCT patent applications were prepesented by an attorney / law firm?
  • In which years were patent attorneys active?
  • In which technological areas were patent attorneys active?
  • Who are the customers of a patent attorney or a patent law firm?
  • What indicators are assigned to patent applicants and attorneys?

Our algorithm searches the titles and abstracts of patent filings. You can enter three different languages: German, English and French.


What you can use Patent-Pilot for?

Find patent attorneys in a specific region

You are looking for a patent attorney who can create your patent application or represent you in a certain country? Then use our search box to narrow down the results geographically.

Patent attorney with certain experience

Looking for a patent attorney who has the appropriate technological background? In our search, you can proceed by keyword or select only certain technological areas.

Find conflicts of interest

You’re wondering who else is your patent attorney’s client? The world is small. Be sure that your patent attorney does not also work for competitors. In our search, you can also enter the name of a firm/person.

Compile a market and competition analysis

You are a patent attorney and want to find out which lawyers and law firms are in competition with you? With whom are your customers working, too? Our search gives the answer.

Access to all information is free. To view the statistics of patent attorneys, all you need to do is register.

Patent Attorney

Patent-Pilot helps patent attorneys and patent law firms to analyze clients and competitors. Which foreign law firms are potential partner for cooperation on your filings? Which other law firms are serving your clients? Who is the law firm representing the opposing party in your case?For Patent Attorneys


Patent-Pilot helps companies to benchmark the patent attorneys and patent law firms representing their company and identify new partners. Are you working with law firms you are experts in your field of expertise? Are you aware of potential conflicts of interest with other clients of your representative?For Companies