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Customized Reports & Analytics

You might have a specific question you would like to have answered through patent data.

Let us do the work for you…

Patent-Pilot reports give you insights, tailored to your needs. We analyze over 100 million patent applications, represented by more than 20,000 law firms and filed by hundreds of thousands of applicants in over 100 countries. Dive deep into our database.

Pricing depends on the extent of work.

The format is up to you: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, PDF or a combination of different formats.

Country Report

  • Who are the major players?
  • Filing volume trends
  • Technologies on the rise
  • Who works with whom?

Law Firm Report

  • Client base overview
  • Filing trends
  • Success rates
  • Percentage of work received

Conflict Check

  • Conflicts of a single application
  • Find conflicting mandates in portfolio
  • Check partners for conflicts
  • Check a client portfolios for conflicts

Competitor Report

  • Filing behavior
  • Law firms contracted
  • Internationalization behavior
  • Patent Family distribution

Partner Benchmark

  • Comparison of partners
  • Law firm rating
  • Identification of law firms to work with
  • Representation portfolio analysis

Case Flow Report

  • Case exchange analytics
  • See who works with/for whom
  • Analyze case exchange decision makers
  • Analyze reciprocity relations

Need something different?

We can tailor the reports and analytics to your needs.

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