Information for Patent Attorneys

Patent Pilot is a leading portal for online patent attorney search in Europe. Our users can receive information on attorneys registered as legal representatives before the European Patent Office. These are more than 8,000 people working in patent law firms. But how to stand out in the crowd? Register your basic or premium profile!

Higher visibility in Google search results

We’re placing ads on Google-Adwords and score very high positions in results of search engines.

Present on two websites at once

Your attorney or law firm profile will be displayed on as well as

Objectified presentation of your expertise

By showing statistics about your work you can easily convince potential clients of your experience in technological fields.

Direct link to official patent databases

Every patent application registered will automatically be linked to EP Register or any other database of your choice.

Links to your patent law firm website

In order to receive a good listing on Google, your law firm websites needs backlinks which we provide.

Available in English as well as in German

Patent-Pilot is fully translated into two major European languages which will bring many international clients.

Perfect for market analysis: Full access to profiles of all patent attorneys in our database!

We have saved the best for the last: As registered patent attorney you will obtain access to the full functionality of a Professional User Access. Compare more than 8,000 European Patent Attorneys and their patent law firms on the basis of their profiles!

The version “Attorney Basic” (example here) and “Law Firm Basic” offer to create a profile and let you enter information about your work manually. In the versions “Attorney Premium” (example here) and “Law Firm Premium” (example here), your profile will be connected to information of the patents you or your company has represented in the past. We create a number of statistics about your work and make them available on your profile.

All prices are monthly costs. Billing and payment are carried out on annual basis.

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