//Industry Report about European Patent Attorneys (2013)
Industry Report about European Patent Attorneys (2013) 2017-12-10T09:04:44+00:00

Comparing the contracting states of the European Patent Organisation, this industry report about patent attorneys presents how European Patent Attorneys work. By the end of 2012, more than 10,000 individuals were registered as representatives before the European Patent Office. They stem from 38 countries. 75% work in patent law firms and 25% in companies like industrial corporations or intellectual property service providers.

When looking at the concentration of patent attorneys per capita, substantial differences between countries become visible. While e.g. in Switzerland 60 patent attorneys can be found per million population, only one patent attorney per million population exists in Turkey. The Europe-wide average is at 17.5 attorneys per million.

These 10,000 European Patent Attorneys are either working in one of the 3,245 patent law firms or in one of 794 companies employing patent attorneys. Among the major employers are for example Siemens, BASF and Philips. The largest patent law firms mostly operate offices in more than one country. Marks & Clerk, the largest patent law firm for European Patent Attorneys, employs 110 patent attorneys. On average, two European Patent Attorneys work in one patent law firm.

The following pages will present these statistical data in great detail: