Patents per law firm across countries 2017-12-10T08:34:18+00:00

Besides China and Japan, it is mostly European countries leading the score in terms of patents per law firm.

Chinese patent law firms have the highest rate of patent applications represented per year. In 2015, on average it has been 39.2 applications per firm. All other top places are occupied by countries that have a long tradition of patenting. A high number of patents per firm indicates a high level of concentration in the industry and an efficient support of patent applications. In this respect, China is probably an outlier, where growth in patents files is not yet reflected in the growth of patent law firms. Apart from China, only Japan on place 5 manages to break through the phalanx of European nations. France, Sweden and Finland are on position 2 to 4 followed by Belgium, the United Kingdom and Denmark on ranks 6 to 8. Those are the only nations that are above the average of 21.9 PCT applications filed per law firm.

Patents per Law Firm 2015

South Korea, USA and Germany, who are very active in patenting, are slightly below average. At the end of the ranking are the Russian Federation, Poland, Mexico and Brazil, with less than 5 PCT applications per firm.

It is important to mention that only states were included in which at least 100 PCT files were published in the year 2015. The other not explicitly listed countries are on average below all listed countries with a arithmetic mean  of 3.4 PCT applications represented per firm.

South Korea, Switzerland and Israel, which form the top the list of most firms per million inhabitants, can be found in the (rear) midfield of this ranking.