Role of a Patent Attorney

//Role of a Patent Attorney
Role of a Patent Attorney 2018-08-01T17:24:17+00:00

In general, a patent attorney fulfills two basic functions: Preparation and filing of your patent application and supporting the enforcement of your property right.

More precisely, this concerns the following functions during the application process:

  • Performing patent searches
  • Composition and translation of patent application documents
  • Representing your application at the patent office during the application process
  • Maintaining your granted patent


When filing a patent application at your local or regional patent office, you are not obliged to appoint a representative. However, even EPO and DPMA advise you to do so, in order to avoid serious mistakes.

Consulting a patent attorney and mandating him as a representative will boost the quality of your application significantly and, thus, increase the probability of patent grant and enforcement of your intellectual property. An excellent patent attorney is worth the money!

By performing a patent search prior to application filing, you will get an understanding whether or not filing an application appears promising. After an application has been filed, your patent attorney will take over correspondence with the patent examiners and reply to notices of the office.