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Before filing a patent application, it is important to inform yourself about the current state of the art and the respective patents which exist in that field.

Patents speak their own language, they are not always easy to understand. Thus, after a self-created overview, it is often recommended to dig deeper into the existing literature and seek the help of a patent attorney. Keep the following questions in mind when doing your due diligence: In what aspects does your invention go beyond the state of the art? How can your knowledge, in general, be protected considering the state of the art?

Patent offices provide comprehensive information about the patent stock in online databases. Here, you will find an evaluation of the most important patent data search engines:


The preceding evaluation shows that there is no perfect patent data search engine which attains every single goal.

You should choose the tool that fits your aims and needs. You will experience that you will have to use more than one search tool. Starting with Google Patent Search and PATENTSCOPE, followed by DEPATISnet and Espacenet, and completing the search with European Patent Register and DPMAregister is in most cases the ideal search strategy.

In most cases, a reliable search should be conducted by a patent attorney or a company specialized on patent document research.